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Voice Of Customer

Voice of the Customer is an essential topic for any CX program. Besides covering the fundamentals of VOC, the key of this module is to teach you how to listen to the VOC in a meaningful way - to put VOC in context - to identify the critical values to customers and to your brand. If and only if you set the stage right can VOC point you towards designing effective experience.

Learning Objectives

This module will enable attendees to:

  • Understand how to design effective VOC programs.
  • Integrate VOC into the customer experience management system.
  • Convert the insights from VOC to formulate CX strategy.

Content Sequence

Voice of the Customers (VOC) Basics

  • What is Voice of the Customer (VOC).
  • Why Voice of the Customer (VOC) is needed.
  • The Voice of the Customer (VOC) Elements.
  • Voice of the Customer (VOC) and Customer Experience Management.

Tools and Applications of VOC

  • Types of VOC tools and information provided.
  • Types, frequency and measures of customer feedback surveys.
  • Applications and challenges of qualitative research.
  • Complementary usage of qualitative and quantitative researches.

Designing Effective VOC Programs

  • Target segments: define the target stakeholders' segments.
  • Value drivers: identify and assess the key value drivers by each segment.
  • Current performance: decide and measure the performance metrics by each touch-point.
  • Determine touch rules and design effective questionnaires.

VOC in Action

  • Identify the most valuable customers by the value they contribute.
  • Derive the most critical needs and rank their importance.
  • Map the current experience level at multi-channel touch-points.
  • Link VOC to CX strategy design.


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