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The CX (customer experience) certification training course is developed based on the Branded CEM Method, which provides a strategic framework with 12 building blocks to formulate an effective CX strategy. It guides enterprises to take a resource revolution by aligning customer journey mapping with brand promises to create values for customers, derive Moment of Buying (MOB) and make Net Promoter Score (NPS) actionable. The method renders a complete CX roadmap from strategy formulation to step-by-step implementation.

The LIVE CX Certification Program is divided into six modules in 5 days, with one 2.5-hour session per day. 

First Hour
Second Hour
Day One Effective Experience


15-20 minutes


Effective Experience Principles 



Day Two Voice of Customer 


15-20 minutes

Voice of Customer 
Day Three CEM Strategy  Break: 15-20 minutes


CEM Strategy 


Branded CEM 


Day Four Branded CEM  Break: 15-20 minutes

Touch-Point Management 

Day Five


Touch-Point Management 


CEM Implementation 


Break: 15-20 minutes CEM Implementation 

Join Adriana Piazza in being a Global CEM Certified Customer Experience Professional.


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