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Voice Of Attendees

"Trainers are very willing to SHARE their knowledge and expertise."

Kenia Johansen, Team Lead-Customer Experience, American Express (United States)

"I participated in one of Sampson's CEM programs and was thrilled with both the content, and delivery.  Sampson's method for managing customer experience changed the way I approach conversations with all customers...internal, external, family members!  I thoroughly enjoy working with Sampson, and would recommend him to anyone trying to solve the dynamics of successful customer experience management."

Charlie Godfrey, Senior Principal Business Consultant, Genesys (United States)

"The Customer Experience Methods from Global CEM are very useful to change mindsets of employees and get to understand the customer better.  Many companies are customer oriented but in an internal and process oriented way.  With CEM you learn to see what the customer experiences and with this new focus it is easier to find points for improvement and get better understanding for what is important for the customer.  The methods are easy to use and implement and of high use for me and my department. "

Linda de Winter, Head of Service Desk Outsourcing, Swisscom Schweiz AG (Switzerland)

"Sampson brings a challenging but very valuable view on customer experience management.  Very pragmatic, his examples, based on solid research help building required buy in inside our large organization.  Sampson is an excellent trainer, too, managing to keep your attention all the way to the conclusion, leading to action plan. "

Luc Delepine, Project Manager Aurora Team, Business Development, Commercial Banking, ING Belgium (Belgium) Belgium

"Very well experienced speaker, ideal balance of theoretical modules and practical use of cases. "

Ania-Virginia Kleinbichler, Director, Visitor Marketing, Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH (Germany) Germany

"Refreshing to learn new dimensions and aspects which turn conventional thinking around."

Harjeet Virdee, Online Business Development Manager, Cathay Pacifica Airways (Hong Kong) Hong Kong

"Thank you for all the great efforts for taking us on such an interesting and informative journey of discovery in CEM over the past two days. We appreciate your passion, enthusiasm and expertise! "

Michelle Curry, Strategy & Change Leader, Globally Integrated Capability, IBM (India)

"It was terrific and invigorating to learn new concepts and tools."

Desirree Madison-Biggs Director, Customer Experience, Symantec Corporation (United States)

"The master course "Customer Experience Management" I attended some years ao was of great value to me and my clients.  Sampson Lee is for us the number one expert in Customer Management and CEM.  I highly recommend him and Global CEM."

Richard R. van Nieuwenhoven Helback, Customer Value Inspirator, Customer Passion Company (Netherlands) Netherlands

"Able to address touch-point management in the credit card business through the learning's on this program."

Faiza Momoniat, Head of Card Business Services, Standard Bank (South Africa)

"I enjoyed Sampson's sessions the best - he had a good balance of theory & practice examples. The biggest "aha!" was the emotional curve - pleasure/pain peaks - and that you don't need to "fix" each & every touchpoint. I can see how it can be practiced by my clients. "

Angeli Lambsdorff, Managing Director, Dentsuindio Inc. (Philippines)

"The wrap-up was professional, allowed me to annotate my notes, and clearly re-iterated key items at a comfortable pace. The best wrap-up I have ever experienced. "

Jonathan Ward, Region Service Quality Manager, MEAP, Baker Hughes INTEQ (UAE)

"Picked up a lot of insights on initiatives that can be implemented in the area of CEM, very impressed to the program and the manner in which it was "managed" shows good practice of CEM by those who preached. "

Sandra De Zoysa, Group Senior Vice President, Service Delivery & Enterprise Contact Management, Dialog Telekom PLC (Sri Lanka)

"Intellectual approach with good real life examples, the trainers' passion and knowledge, and knowing that I will use what I've learned. "

Meg Hurley, Marketing Manager Australasia, Ansvar Insurance (Australia) Australia

"An outstanding performance and excellent course, absolutely professional. Great application of theory into practice, awesome, well done."

Martin Knollys, Provincial Service Manager, First National Bank (South Africa)

"Very content rich, broad and thorough exploration of the subject."

Mark Grieves, Head of Customer Experience, OCBC Bank (Singapore)

"I have been in the call center industry for quite sometime and I thought there's nothing more to learn until now (taking this program). "

Marco Ogsimer, 800 TeleServices (China)

"It put the big elephant (implementing a CEM program) into perspective and broke it down into bite sized chunks. Really liked the exercises as they made the learning a reality."

Nadia Ribeiro, Brand Manager, Comair (South Africa)

"Practical exercises put in practice what we've learned and to get to know different views."

Rafaela Silva, Customer Experience and Loyalty Specialist, Salsa Jeans (Portugal)

"The 'aha' moment was the topic of Sampson's Peak (-end Rule), Emotion Curve and Pain. It totally made me feel better that our organization need not be perfect."

Jeanette Beltran, Global CRM Director, ABS-CBN Global (Philippines)

"A lot of bricks fell into place. I can clearly see how to start and run my CEM program!"

Sven-erik Gjertsen, CRM Campaign Manager, GE Money Bank (Norway)

"Thank you for giving me a foundation for my present /future journey towards effective CEM!"

Caroline Soegtrop, Customer Experience Manager, Air Transit (Canada)

"Emotion Curve is very practical and useful to apply!"

Brendan Finn, Marketing Manager, Vhi Healthcare (Ireland)

"This course helps me to SELL the CEM project to executives."

Michael Gallant, Customer Requirement Manager, Trend Micro (United States)
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