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Global CEM (Global Customer Experience Management Organization) helps companies to create effective customer experience. Our customer experience (CX) methodologies combine the art and science of CX in assessing and delivering branded and total customer experience (TCE). Global CEM International Partners are located in Europe, Asia, and North America. Our services include TCE Evaluation and CEM Certification. 

TCE Evaluation

Total Customer Experience (TCE) Evaluation consists of two parts: TCE Model Building sets a comprehensive blueprint and renders a complete architecture to measure, manage and improve the total customer experience as perceived at multiple touch-points and among multiple channels across the entire customer lifecycle. TCE Assessment meausres the effectiveness of experience in driving customer satisfaction, brand differentiation, sales transactions and creating advocates. The combination of TCE model building and assessment helps companies deliver a branded and effective total customer experience. 

Global Customer Experience Management (CEM) Certification Program is delivered by Global CEM International Partners. The content of the program is developed based on the Branded CEM Method that was first licensed in Belgium and the Netherlands. Since 2006, Global CEM has run the program in London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, Copenhagen, Milan, Frankfurt, Paris, Dubai, Istanbul, Johannesburg, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Sydney, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Toronto, with clients from 71 countries on six continents. 

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