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1. What is your certification called?

Global Customer Experience Management (CEM) Certification Program

2. What does it certify?

The course is developed based on the Branded Customer Experience Management Method (also called PIG Strategy), with which will be used to measure the attendees' ability to understand and apply what they have learnt in the 2-day program into a real business case. 

3. What is the process to get certified?

Attendees have to attend and complete the 2-day training program in person (i.e. the Global CEM Certification Program) with corresponding in-class exercises and one take-home certificate assignment.

The certificate assignment should be 3000 words in length, presented in the form of a business case or proposal, writing to solve a particular customer experience management problem or to develop a CEM plan for a company, using the theories, tools and methods taught in the 2-day program.  Attendees will be given at least 6 weeks to complete the assignment.

The certification process is optional for the attendees.  For those who don't require certification, we could instead issue a Letter of Attendance upon request. 

4. Cost

The program fee is USD2,500 per head (regular price). The cost includes all training fee, documentation and the certification cost. Early bird discount of USD300 applies if registration and payment are completed at least 6 weeks prior to the program. Alternatively, for a group registration of 3 or more attendees from the same company, a discount of USD300 per head would apply.

5. Why did you develop this certification? (Client requests? Market opportunity? Gap in knowledge?) What was your process for certification program in the first place?

The term Customer Experience Management has existed for many years but there is no common consent on what it is or how best to build knowledge upon this subject matter. Some say that CEM is a replacement of CRM, some say that CEM is related to Branding or Marketing. We see CEM as a management decision for strategic resource allocation; how to make the best use of resource to drive business results and create customer loyalty by delivering effective experience to your target customers.  We see a huge gap in the market place for proper CEM training and certification, hence why we began to develop the program back in 2006.

6. How many people / companies have completed the certification?

Over the years, several hundreds of attendees from 70 countries have attended our program.  About 50% of the attendees have opted for the certification. 

7. Do you customize your certification / training for your clients? 

Our certification program is available in three forms.  The first option is the public program with fixed dates and venues open for industry practitioners to enroll.  The second one is an on-demand option – as long as you have a team of 5 or more, we would be open to the possibility of holding a public session at your preferred location and time. You could then save all the travel hassles and join the program with your CX counterparts together for better learning impact and synergies.  The last one is an in-house option which is catered to a large group of 15 or more attendees from the same company. We will assign our trainers to your premises / designated location and the program will be exclusive to your team. 

The content and the certification process will be the same for the three programs.  As a matter of fact, the Branded CEM Method provides a structured management framework and a roadmap of 12 building blocks for formulating a branded and effective total customer experience, we highly recommend our clients to follow through each step of the process so as to avoid interrupting the flow and inter-connectivity of the program content.  We could fine-tune some of the details like the industry focus or the types of case studies being quoted but the majority of the program content should remain intact to retain its originality and effectiveness.

8. How long is the certification valid for?

There is no time limit on the validity of the certification.  We will nevertheless state the date of the certification and which program (when and where) that the attendee has attended on the certificate.  

9.  What types of professional typically complete the certification program (Existing CX professionals? Aspiring CX professionals? Consultants? Etc.)

According to our statistics, most of the attendees are coming from backgrounds of marketingbranding and services.  Professionals from general management, strategy planning as well as current CX professionals take up a considerable percentage of our clients. We also see a strong growth from the consulting sector to get their people prepared, trained and certified in the CEM profession backgrounds.  

10.  Are there any success stories or results you see from the program?  (People getting new jobs or promotions? Companies improved in performance / production? OR in tangible ways?)

An attendee - who worked in a leading telecommunications company in a strategy planning role – joined our Paris program in 2009. She came to the program with a clear aim to learn a structured CEM methodology to help her company develop CEM initiatives.  She was later appointed as the Director of Customer Experience, which was a new division, reporting directly to the CEO of the company.

Some attendees will also present our certificate to their future employer as a qualification endorsement when they are making a career move.  We know this as we come across reference checks requests from headhunters / future employers from time to time.  We are happy to hear that our certification adds value in our attendees’ professional career lives.

Regarding successful cases from the clients, we could name two interesting cases here.  One was an attendee from a European bank who adopted our method to adjust the experience process in their retail branch which ultimately increased the conversion ratio (the ratio to convert the first appointment into a second appointment for consultation on investment products).  The other was from a consulting company who applied our research methodology to find out the real moment-of-truths during the experience process for her client (a leading network service provider). With statistical proof, they could finally identify the real drivers (rather than the ones that they assumed) to improve business performance.

11. What is special about your certification or unique about it from other certifications?

A few points that may be worth highlighting:

1. We are the first and the longest-standing CEM Certification Program in the market place.  Up until this moment, we have run the program 62 times spanning across 19 international cities, namely Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Milan, Istanbul, Dubai, Johannesburg, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Toronto.

2. One of the major reasons for our international success is the application of the Branded CEM Method.   The Method offers a structured framework combining time-tested theories, universally applied principles and practical tools to help attendees to formulate and kick-start their CEM programs.  Most important of all, the Method is proven to work in different contexts, countries and cultures around the world.

3. Our program also acts as a bridge to link up CX professionals all around the world, giving them the opportunity to connect, meet up and discuss CEM issues face-to-face.  It’s not unusual to have attendees of 6-8 different countries joining in one single session and they are truly appreciative of the opportunity to learn and share among professionals of different industries, countries and cultures.

4. Last but not the least, we keep our class small.  Class size typically ranges from 10 to 20 attendees but never more than 25. We run our program in workshop style with a number of group discussions and in-class exercises integrated.  With an ideal size as such, attendees are able to communicate with both the trainers and members of the team in a highly interactive manner to ensure quality discussions and effective sharing. 






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