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"The Global CEM method Sampson has developed is a very effective method to drive tangible results and change within today's organization - delivering more with less.  It provides a practical step-by-step approach to translating business objectives into branded multichannel strategies.  it proves that sustainable competitive advantage - in the on-and-offline world - is not achieved through customer centricity, but build on a differentiating customer experience.  Showing organiztions how to utilizes subconscious processes from customers' perspective to deliver that (branded) experience that drives their behavior.  The unique fact-based approach provides organizations very clear insights that allow them to allocate budgets towards strategies and tactics that deliver... more with less."

Willemijn Schneyder-Valbracht, Head of Marketing, Knab (Netherlands) Netherlands

"I first met Sampson in 2008 when I attended the Global CEM Certification Program.  During the 2 days of the seminar I can honestly say that my eyes were opened and I came away with an entirely new understanding of what drives customer behaviour and how emotions and brands are tightly intertwined.  Sampson is a visionary and a great champion for customer experience, his deep understanding of his subject and his relaxed and entertaining presentation style combine to allow anyone interested in this topic to come away with plenty of food for thought."

Kevin Caulfield, Project Manager, Digital River (United Kingdom) United Kinddom

"The Global Customer Experience Management training is excellent, with high quality speakers and great content which I have gone on to use in developing customer experience strategy.  I would recommend this training to anyone who is new to customer experience, or has responsibility for it. The course gives you the tools to approach customer experience strategically, focusing on what matters to deliver critical change."

Anna Blackwood, Senior Marketing Manager - Energy, SSE plc (United Kingdom) United Kingdom

"I found Sampson to be knowledgeable and enjoyed his delivery of the certification program.  His strong understanding of CEM is recommended to other companies."

Sam Ghebranious, Director and Managing Partner, Advance Coaching and Consulting Pty Ltd. (Australia) Australia

"Sampson's approach to Customer Experience Management challenges some time-honoured CEM conventions, but insights into customer behaviour and emotions will have you become a convert to his methodology.  His course is highly recommended."

Ian Low, Principal Business Consultant, Genesys (Australia) Australia

"Global CEM Certification Program was an eye opening training program for me.  I've learned a lot from Sampson on how to create a branded customer experience."

David Yeung, Group Manager, Customer Services China, Swire Beverages (Hong Kong) Hong Kong


"The content of your CEM program was excellent through and through.  I'm sure you've updated it since and strengthened it further.  I've kept the manual and have referred to it numerous times for the concepts and ideas.  I'd definitely recommend it to anyone serious about learning and implementing customer experience management in their organization."

Denise Wong, Creativity Coach and Director, Yellow Phoenix International (Hong Kong) Hong Kong

"The Global CEM program was (is) an excellent program.  Very interesting is that CEM creates value for money investment.  As it helps the organization to choose in which touch points to invest and which not."

Allard d'Engelbronner, Owner, AdE Consultancy



"I attended the Global CEM Certification Program in London 2014, led and facilitated by Sampson Lee, and it was a terrific experience. Sampson is an expert in Customer Experience Management; he has developed an impressive methodology to map customer journeys, understand the peak-pain pleasure, emotion curve and branded value experience, to identify where to efficiently invest the limited resources companies have. His approach is innovative, challenging and provocative, bringing theory to reality. I highly recommend, to anyone interested in Customer Experience, Sampson Lee and the CEM Certification Program."

Elena Pueyo, Principal Business Consultant, Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories (Spain)


"I attended Sampson's CEM training in Copenhagen in 2010.  Sampson proved exceptional knowledge of the CEM subject and made the journey from the customer experience result into practical steps and tools for companies to apply.  Sampson uses real-world examples applicable for all kinds of businesses to embrace and take action upon.  I highly recommend Sampson and his team & courses.  If all marketeers, salespeople and CxO's would attend the courses and apply the knowledge to their companies, the world of trade would be a joyous ride for us all.  Keep up the good work."

Arne Fossheim, Founder & Owner, Customer Insights AS (Norway) Norway

"Sampson is an excellent speaker.  Managing the customer experience is his passion and he transmits this passion to his audience.  The workshop is intense and very well thought out.  Exchanges among participants are numerous and instructive.  I recommend everyone this training."

Stephanie Houet, E2E Process Manager for Direct Mail and Admin Mail, bpost (Belgium) Belgium
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