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"I took one of his first programs on Global CEM.  Sampson is extremely skilled helping you to adopt your customer's view and make valuable decisions on how to improve experience and profitability; breaking down customer journey in touchpoints, to understand customer's holistic vaule of every touchpoint (transactional and emotional), where it is worth it to invest to improve customer experience and how to implement it.  To me, one of the best experts on CEM worldwide.  Thank you Sampson!"

Julio Herrera-Estevez, Director, Horwath HTL Spain (Spain) Spain

"Sampson makes Customer Experience Management (CEM) tangible by focusing on the practical application of CEM strategy in large enterprises through the lens that count - the outside (customer) in (enterprise).  With just enough focus on CEM models and elements, the Global CEM course conducted by Sampson focus on CEM in practice for practitioners who care about the customer." 

Mike Galvin, Director of Client Solutions - Retail, Medallia, Inc. (United States) United States

"This course was an eye-opener for a guy who is an academic.  It helped me bridge the gap between academic and practice.  I have already started to notice the difference in the way I think and form arguments.  Thank you very much, Mr. Lee for this course."

Dr. Abdulah Sultan, Marketing Professor, Kuwait University (Kuwait) Kuwait

"I met Sampson through his Global CEM training in San Francisco in 2012.  While many people talk about Customer Experience Management (CEM), Sampson's course takes CEM and translates it into an actionable structure.  We have used this structure with success with other clients.  Sampson's model of the Emotion Curve and Customer Touchpoints have given me a different view into Customer Experience.  With the knowledge I have gained as a result of the Global CEM course, I highly recommend Sampson and his Global CEM course."

Stuart Walters, Principal Business Consultant, Genesys (Unites States) United States

The Global CEM Certification was an excellent experience.  Over just a few days, we were introduced to customer experience theory and practical ways to implement.  The other people in attendance at the session also brought a lot of great background and information to the discussions.  I highly recommend Sampson and the CEM certification program."

Chris Parker, Founder, Parker Holland (Netherlands) Netherlands

"Release yourself from mediated brand myths and engage to real brand processes.  Sampson and colleagues shed practical light on interconnecting methodological framework helping to make Brand CEM actional and real value comes with practice."

Liutauras Daugirdas, Partner, SYNOPTICOM (Lithuania) Lithuania

"I have attended the 2013 Amsterdam class of Global CEM Certification Program.  Sampson provided a truly useful and highly practical method of building and increasing customer experience and customer value in our consulting services organization, always with a clear focus on bottom line results.  I highly recommend marketing and service execs attending the class and pulling from Sampson's ideas to provide their own customers a unique and effective experience."

Markus Waser, Founder and Owner, waser iPM 



"The Global CEM Certification Program was an important part of my development in the area of CEM.  The opportunity to learn about applications across industries was an important aspect of the program."

Gustavo Monzon, New Student Services, The University of Texas at El Paso (United States) United States

"I had the opportunity to meet Sampson at the fall of 2012 on a San Francisco G-CEM Customer Experience training, he is a very experienced and talented presenter and a true Genius with the emotional framework he created and is promoting. "I really believe the only way to really achieve customer satisfaction is to move beyond on the rational and already exhausted current approaches and start to consider emotions as the true customer satisfaction and loyalty path." Congratulations Sampson!"

Bruno Bertini, Business Consulting, Genesys (Brazil) Brazil

"I joined Sampson and his team in Hong Kong for the Global CEM Program and came back very inspired both personally and professionally.  Sampson is a true capacity and undoubtedly one of the most knowledgeable CEM experts around.  A pleasure." 

Jakob Dyrbye, Owner and Creative Director, Faust Dyrbye A/S (Denmark) Denmark

"It's a practical program which you can apply this theory to practice.  Would be recommending especially for brand people to know about PEAK-END rule."

Nopparat Suksaranludee, Director of Loyalty and Partner Marketing, ONYX Hospitality Group (Thailand) Thailand

"It was great to hear Sampson's view on customer expreience and to get more details on the methodology he uses.  Sampson is truly inspiring and I use a lot of his insights to help my clients in creating unique customer experiences on those moments that matter most."

Deborah Wietzes, Senior Manager, VODW (Netherlands) Netherlands


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