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"In my search for CEM models, back in 2009, I was lucky to find Sampson and his framework.  I participated at Global CEM Certififcation Program held in London.  He says that They've been lucky to have many program attendees to support them (half of the attendees are "repeat customers" or coming from referrals).  I question myself: Can be wrong so many professionals from big Companies? If you want to find out how is possible to roll out this CEM program 40 times in 17 cities, you must Experience it your own.  Have a nice Customer Journey with such a great captain!"

Jorge Garcia Del Arco, Founder, FlipOver.org (Spain) Spain

Innoative, challenging, questioning and extremely necessary, the method of Mr. Lee is a breakthrough in business and strategic development for all companies that want to differentiate themselves in their market. 

Larry Sackiewicz, Business Development Director, Brain Trust Consulting Services (Brazil) Brazil

"I want to recommend Sampson Lee and his wonderful G-CEM Methodology.  I enjoyed every module of this training /certification and the CEM method is really aligned with what all companies want to achieve (the right balance and the right things to do).   Thank you!"

Gerard Buchler, EMEA Sustain and OSP Sustain Manager, Dell (France) France

"The Customer Experience Methods from Global CEM training by Sampson Lee was very inspiring!  First of all, this is only a practical guide for the implementation of concepts and solutions to specific business problems.  I was impressed by the people present at the training.  Pay tribute to personality of speakers, the high level of organizaion of the event, as well as the ability of the organizers to create incredibly open and positive atmosphere.  With gratitude and respect."

Yulia Avgul, Owner/Director, Avgul Expert Group (Belarus) Belarus

"Sampson Lee is an excellent speaker and the seminar he presents is extremely rewarding.  His methodologies are innovative and interesting.  I feel gratified for the opportunity of participate this experience, that allowed me know him and his work."

Fabio Nigro Gonzalez, Senior Manager, Brain Trust Consulting Services (Brazil) Brazil

"I came across the CEM training as a referral from a colleague who went through same framework a year ago.  Sampson has created a fantastic CEM framework that not only help organization to focus on delivery better customer experience but also how to manage the customer experience, it is also a very helpful exercise for daily life as well.  There is too much value in the CEM program that we can impact the world around us if we focus on what we do and relate to Customer Experience.  Great program and great presenter, I highly recommend this to any one who is customer focus." 

Mohamed Afifi Managing Director Middle East, Genesys (UAE) UAE

"Sampson's research and delivery of customer experience management concepts is outstanding.  Very practical and applicable across different industries and cultures.  His case studies and examples provide clarity and show how an organization can immediately start applying these concepts!"

Kolawole Osinowo, Customer Care and Logistics Lead, West and Central Africa, Nokia (Nigeria) Nigeria

"Sampson is a great customer experience trainer, he creatively explains key concepts in the field and illustrate how you can sucessfully implement them to yield great results.  The Global CEM Certification had a great impact on me and I would highly recommend it as it is practical, creative, and efficient."

Nour Taher, Customer Experience Officer, Bank al Etihad (Jordan) Jordan

"I met Sampson as a teacher/moderator during the 2-day CEM masterclass.  I still use the unique and 'well thought of' ingredients (like the 'customer journey') to truly help my customers to understand their own clients.  Highly recommend to join this course and listen to Sampson's innovative and valuable methodology."

Rob Brosens, Owner, Customer-i (Netherlands) Netherlands

"Sampson's CEM methodology changed my entire working life and affected all of my current projects at once.  When I arriving back at my desk after his course and looking at my projects I simply realized that all need to be revised from scratch.  Having said that I mean that totally positive and it was worth all the effort.  Sampson has made me seeing Customer Experience Management from a totally new perspective and now 4 years after having participated in his course the gained knowledge still is up to date and great.  Thanks Sampson!"

Fabian Romankewicz, Sales Enablement Manager, Cisco Systems (United States) United States

"The Global CEM Certification was pivotal to my career development and enable me to develop into business leader rather than customer service specialist.  The program was the catalyst in driving my ability to put the customer experience at the heart of business planning."

Wayne Grimshawe, Head of Customer Srevices, Barclays Corporate (United Kingdom) United Kingdom

"Sampson combines both deep academic knowledge of the material with practical experience and puts together a very thought-provoking course that is geared towards practical improvements in the marketplace - the Global CEM Certificate Program is strongly recommended for those who want to help their business improve its customer experience performance."

Machado Ricardo, Senior Lecturer Marketing, Univeristy of South Africa (South Afriac) South Africa

"I have attended the Global cEM 2-day program in Bangkok.  I really loved the course in terms of planning and structure and content.  I would like to mention Sampson Lee's methodical approach to Customer Experience, his ability to make the program alive with recent examples and building the concept of 'pain-pleasure gap' in understanding the customer journey.  I recommend the Global CEM program to all senior managers who want to build a customer centric organization or understand the basics of starting a Customer Experience Management program." 

Abhijit Gupta, Client Services Director, OgilvyOne Worldwide (India) India


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