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Voice Of Participants

"I had the pleasure of attending Sampson's CEM training, and was thrilled with the outcome.  What a amazing set of methodologies Sampson has.  The ability to transform organizations into real customer advocates through the use of the CEM methodology is simply amazing to see.  I highly recommend anyone interested in Customer Experience at the earliest opportunity spend some time with Sampson and his team."

Cameron Smith, Principal Business Consultant, Genesys (Australia) Australia

"I highly recommend the Global CEM Certification.  The methodology is combining the customer needs and the brand values what makes is more complete than other methodologies. The approach helps you to identify the areas to focus on by designing the customer exprience.  It helps you to create an experience that aligns the brand promise and the service delivery." 

Wim Geerdink, Manager, Service Desk, BOVAG 



"It was three years ago... I was in Paris for Customer Experience Management Certification Program held by Global CEM.  I recognized many colleagues in this program.  Ro was perfect...  Ideas were creative, strong and new.  Thank you Sampson for such a useful program."

Erol Bugdayci, Manager, Customer Relations Unit, Isbank (Turkey) Turkey

"I attended some years ago at the 2-day CEM Certification Program, and it was like opening my eyes for the first time.  Quite a 'fresh air' that truly helped me to come back with a new enthusiastic perspective of a valuable and leading edge methodology and framework which are now mainstream concepts.  Back then, we challenged ourselves to be customer centrics without the know-how, the tools, and the right methodology.  Having been certified through Global CEM made me understand what customer experience is all about, mapping customer journeys through customer shoes, understanding the peak pain pleasure, emotion curve and branded value experience approach, and therefore identify where to invest limited resources to increase company and customer value.  It is a Program of great value that I highly recommend."

Filipa Henriques, Continuous Improvement and Customer Care Director, ZAP (Portugal) Portugal

"I attended Global CEM Certification Program in Paris 2010, and I am glad that I did.  The CEM methodology helped me to identify some areas where I should focus on during experience design.  Now after 3 years the gained knowledge still is up to date and great.  I highly recommend the Global CEM Certification Program."

Renata Devcic, Head of Marketing Communications and Customer Experience, Intesa Sanpaolo Card (Croatia) Croatia


"Sampson Lee's methodology provides valuable insights and the means to put theory into practice.  With this methodology, Sampson really challenges traditional thinking, showing how to achieve more with less."

Carmen Phillips, Owner, Phillips MCT (Netherlands) Netherlands

"Sampson delivered the best customer experience program I had ever seen, that course was an eye opener for me, I tried to implement what learned in Paris in my Organization, he is excellent in delivering the knowledge, very passionate on what he is doing." 

Abdulaziz Abdulbaqi, Director of Quality Improvement and Patient Safety, International Medical Centre (Saudi Arabia) Saudi Arabia

"I've had the pleasure of experiencing an eye opening, knowledge packed super intense customer experience masterclass by Sampson Lee.  He is engaging, stimulating and his novel experience management approach is directly applicable and produces great results.  A must for any customer experience professional.  I wholeheartedly recommend both Sampson and the Global CEM Certification Program."

Gerdien Dalmulder, Partner, De Kracht van Enthousiasme (Netherlands) Netherlands

"Recommending Sampson's work and The CEM Program is a pleasure for me.  By the time I took part in the CEM prgram the Customer Experience was still a vague term and frequently also just a bussword in the vocabulary of marketeers.  Today the situation has improved and I beleive this is also due to your efforts. The program joins professionals from around the world and there are not many such hands on programs around.  Sampson manages the program not only in a highly professional manner but also very personally.  The level of his personal involvement is unique.  I highly recommend Sampson and the CEM program and hope to be active member of the community in the future."

Ondrej Tomas, Managing Partner, Portugalmarket (Czech Republic) Czech Republic

"I participated in the CEM Certificatio Program in April 2007.  It was one of my first encounters with the concept of Customer Experience Management and it was a revelation.  I was positively surprised by the depth of theoretical thinking and practical concepts.  Sampson's inventions of branded CEM and emotional curve turn the 'soft stuff' into 'hard', 'measured' and 'monetized'.  Besides the intellectual power, Sampson is a great speaker and trainer.  I recommend participation in the program to anyone in the business of customer care."

Leszek Soltysik, Owner, Moreinfo Consulting Services (Czech Republic) Czech Republic

"Thanks to Sampson Lee and his program I've achieved skills and knowledge to develop a successful career in customer experience.  Sampson knows how to convey his deep knowledge in a simple and powerful, 'effective' way.  I think the word inpsirational fits well with Sampson."  

Tomas Ibanez, Director, Brain Trust Consulting Services (Spain) Spain

"Sampson knows exactly how to translate his customer experience vision to the day to day business. Next to this, the Global CEM program provides useful thoughts and is a real eye-opener for anyone who deals with customers and wants to get the most out of creating customer value for the company /shareholders.  Thanks Sampson!"

Robbert Fofana, Owner, Wild Cherry Consultancy (Netherlands) Netherlands

"I participated at Global CEM workshop and gained a new perspective and methodolgy for CEM.  Sampson Lee and his team were very professional and interesting along with being very friendly.  It was also interesting to meet consultants and managers from other countries and industries.  I highly recommend the workshop." 

Saleet Granit, CEO, Adkit (Israel) Israel

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