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Branded CEM

The challenge of customer experience nowadays is that good experience is never enough. You need differentiated (branded) experience. Only when you have branded experience could you differentiate and create loyalty. CX is not effective unless it is branded. A strategically designed experience process which provides branded experience is critical for improving brand equity (value of your brand) and customer equity (value brought by your customer) for long-term success.

Learning Objectives

This module will enable attendees to:

  • Understand branded, non-branded and un-branded experiences.
  • Figure out the core elements of the Branded CEM Method.
  • Learn step-by-step on how to design your own unique branded experience.

Content Sequence

Branded CEM Basics

  • Characteristics of a branded experience.
  • Differences and implications among branded, non-branded and un-branded experiences.
  • Branding the experience and experiencing the brand.
  • An experience is not effective unless it is branded.

Branded CEM Optimization

  • First thing first: define your target customer segments.
  • Critical and essential: identify and evaluate the importance of sub-processes.
  • The magic touch: factor your target brand values into an experience process.
  • Peak and end: design and manipulate the effective peak and end experiences.

Branded CEM Delivery

  • Customer-centricity could be wrong.
  • Effective experience is not equal to good experience.
  • Emotion curves for multiple touch-points.
  • Introduction of EEI (Effective Experience Index).

Design Your Own Branded Experience

  • Brand values, critical needs and effective experience.
  • Less is more: allocate your resources in an effective way.
  • Put PPG (Pleasure-Pain Gap) in action.
  • Develop your own branded experience.


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