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PIG Strategy makes Pursuing Excellence, Customer Centricity and Continuous Improvement obsolete

by Sampson Lee, Founder of Global CEM


PIG (Pain  Is  Good) Strategy is better than the conventional approach to creating memorable customer experiences, differentiating your brand, and building your core competences. The conventional approach consists of Pursuing Excellence, Customer Centricity and Continuous Improvement.  Not only is PIG better, PIG uses fewer resources. What is the magic of PIG strategy? It considers customers’ pain differently: it allows pain, chooses the right pain points, and aggravates pain.


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Importance Quardrant

IKEA: A Branded Experience is more important than Customer-Centricity

by Sampson Lee, Founder of Global CEM


The IKEA mission is to produce quality furniture at affordable price.


After my 2006 article, IKEA's Branded Experience came out, I heard from readers in different part of the world who had similar emotions. I wrote how I hate the IKEA in-store shopping experience and yet have continued returning to IKEA over the past 20 years. Others don't like (or even hate) the long queue, the crowded in-store environment and the DIY service, but they love IKEA......

Importance Quardrant

Customer-Centricity Is Not the Solution; It's the Problem 

by Sampson Lee, Founder of Global CEM


I just read a blog post by Bob Thompson titled "Starbucks is customer-centric, because it listened... to ME."


To summarize the post in a few sentences: Bob is a regular customer of a Starbucks store near his house.  He had an unsatisfactory experience with that store.  He then wrote to Starbucks to voice his dissatisfaction. Starbucks responded and satisfied his needs.  He felt good and expressed this in his blog - "Starbucks is customer-centric, because it listened... to ME."

TCE Model

Building a B2B Purchase Model

by Sampson Lee, Founder of Global CEM


The objective of this post is to share with you the beauty of building an effective B2B purchase experience model*1. This model gives you three distinctive advantages, which are particularly important in a recession:


Understanding how B2B customers buy;

Managing B2B purchase experience with a quantifiable system; and

Designing B2B purchase experiences with objectives


TCE EvaluationDownload

TCE Evalution for Telecom Operators

Common Challenges for Telecom Operators:

Decreasing ARPU  You may try very hard to earn extraordinary ARPU from High-value Customers, to drive ARPU from Low-value Customers, and to drive up VAS Revenues and Margins.  Despite the fact that you have spent tremendous resources to implement your strategies, ARPU is still decreasing


Increasing Churn  You may have the most innovation Loyalty and Retention program, highly competitive Prices, Structures and Plans, and deliver best-in-class services to your customers.  Although you get pretty high Satisfaction scores, Churn rate is still increasing.......

Customer Experience On PurposeDownload

Customer Experience - On Purpose

What's the next big thing in Customer Experience?

Well, we've been sifting through the array of predictions that every blogger and his mother seems to have issued over the last three months and here's a very quick recap of what's in store for 2014 - in no particular order.....



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